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Lets Talk Shades: The Butter To Matte Longwear Lipsticks

Lets Talk Shades: The Butter To Matte Longwear Lipsticks

While it took almost two years for the formulation of the Wearified Butter To Matte Longwear Lipstick, the shades themselves took about seven months. The main goal while working on these shades was to create a range that catered to everyone, but specifically prioritised medium to deep skin tones. Here was a chance for me to create the shades that I didn't see much of in the industry, and as a tan person myself (who loves to beach vacation tons, only tanning further) I just didn't enjoy the struggles of mixing shades to come to that one perfect shade of the day.

Within the Wearified BMLL range you'll see a mix of reds, berries, pinks and even the daily wear nudes. I wanted to create a classic collection of lipsticks, those that won't be passé even with the never ending stream of trends that come and go in the social media age. We played round with shades, undertones and pigments to create a combination of shades the beauty industry definitely needs more of. Lets dive into the ten we're launching with that I'm sure you'll find yourself reaching for in no time:

Not Your Princess is a gorgeous shade of purple berry. Its a deep toned violet, with a hint of berry that complements all skin tones beautifully. With its one stroke application, this darker shade won't look patchy at all, instead it'll help your lips make a statement!
WWW named after its parent company, What When Wear is a stunning shade of pink. Its not a typically bright shade, but one that has a hue that can stand out on the lips or even be subdued, it depends on how you choose to wear it. With a warm-ish undertone, this not-too-deep, not-too-bright tone of pink completes skin tones across the spectrum and brightens up any makeup look.
Gerry Berry was among the first few shades to be named (ykiyk!). With an obviously deep, berry shade, this lipstick makes for the most perfect fall look lip colour - and its the perfect season for that!
Shabbo, the nickname my dad has had for my mother since they've been together (over 35 years now) is something I grew up hearing. With an undying love for nude shades, my mom had no idea this lipstick was going to be named after her when she pronounced this sample to be her most favourite from the collection. An everyday wear favourite, Shabbo has a tinge of caramel meets coral in its undertone, making it the softer sibling of Laytella.
Laytella was quick to become a favourite among many members of our focus group! Its neutral, soft brown finish makes for the perfect brown for lighter complexions and becomes the most picked nude for those with duskier skin. Its a shade that can be one person's 'bold statement' or another's everyday favourite.
5ft3in packs a punch with its layers of onion pink and a soft mauve. Easily one of the most versatile looks in the range, this one can serve looks or help keep it simple, depending on the way you style it.
BBRL named after my very first blog post about red lips (circa 2012 I think), is an abbreviation for the title 'Bright Bold Red Lips'. I was convinced with this blog, that the colour that once intimidated me was now my forever favourite. And that feeling hasn't changed to date! I'm a sucker for a beautiful, neutral, perfect red lip. And I wanted to serve you a shade that could be your new signature, all while keeping the buttery application of the Butter To Matte Longwear Lipstick and the finish of a lightweight, absolute matte.
26th Jan is that soft, but not too soft shade of pink that one would traditionally be forced to mix lipstick shades for. This shade is another that has its favourites from early on!
Monday is one of those impossibly tough shades to describe. If I was doing my best, I'd say that the perfect nude brown and the perfect nude pink had a lovechild, and produced THIS! It looks a tad more pink on some complexions and a rad more brown on some others, so of course this has a lot to do with your skin tone and lip colour. But if you're someone who loves a great go between, this isn't one you should miss at all.
Boop  - last, but sure as hell not the least. This rust-meets-brick-meets-soft-tone-of-red has not so surprisingly gone on to be voted as one of the most versatile shades in the deck by our team. Named after the little boop motion we do on our cat Nibbles' nose, (the shade coms very close to her actual nose) we knew we had accidentally stumbled upon a fan favourite.

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