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About Our Founder

Aanam C, founder of WearifiedWearified is the brain child of @AanamC, a first generation blogger and highly awarded popular beauty content creator. She has been in the space of reviewing products, creating tutorials and rejecting beauty standards since 2011. Her motto and approach towards content has always been 'real girl'; and the same has translated into her brand Wearified. Her experience of over a decade in the beauty space has led her to a unique position on social media. With access to both, brands and consumers on social media, she has the valuable perspective and insight into what consumers like, dislike and what they want more of. She has also been able to experience first hand the toxicity of beauty standards that some may propagate.

Aanam has always had the firm belief that there is no one - and there shouldn’t be any one - beauty standard. Beauty as a concept, an idea, is and should be an extremely personal thing. It is subjective and it should be enabling. With the launch of Wearified, she aims at bringing a change in conversations around beauty with products that enable rather than adhere to any so-called beauty standards. The essence of Wearified is to make one feel good more than just look good.

Aanam’s aim for the brand is manifold. But to start out with, she aims to fill in the gaps that still exist in the beauty industry. She wants to listen to her audience and be able to give the consumers what they want, not what society thinks makeup wearers want. To make Wearified an inclusive brand, one that's community powered at its core. One where everyone is welcome, with no exceptions.

Why Now?

Every time she was asked about her favourite lipstick (among other beauty items) she realised she would praise the pigmentation of product A, the application of product B and the smoothness or other factors from products C, D, E - you get the drift. She discussed the pros and cons of many products with her audience over a period of time, only to eventually realise that this is all bringing her closer to the business side of her teenage dream - having her own beauty brand.

*Aanam is wearing the shade Boop in the image above.

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