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About Wearified

The Democracy of Beauty
Beauty needs to be for one and for all.
Beauty needs to be whatever you make it out to be.
Beauty can’t be set to any one standard.
Beauty can’t have any rules. It is imperfect at most times.
It’s deeply individualistic. It needs to be selfish.
It’s more than a compliment. It needs to be a feeling.
Beauty needs to be only about you.
This is the ethos of Wearified.
We are not just a brand. We hope to be your partner. An enabler. A mood maker.
We hope to inspire you to create. To express. To feel. For yourself. We are a community that will try and change conversations about beauty through our products. Because our products are developed keeping the highest quality standards and usage experience in mind, nothing else.
Our only aim is to make you feel the most confident, beautiful, enabled version of yourself.
So that you can go out and proudly say #IAmWearified by me.
The Future of Wearified
Aanam’s aim for Wearified is for the brand to evolve and grow with you and your choices - a truly community powered brand at its core. One where everyone is welcome.
While we are already working on more products, our philosophy of making luxurious beauty experiences available to all is never going to change. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletters so you can be the first to know! And of course, please follow our social pages, join the #WearFam community and keep talking to us so that your views today can influence our products tomorrow.
And that is the beauty of democracy.

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