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Behind The Scenes: Launching Wearified

Behind The Scenes: Launching Wearified

Wearified has been in the works for four years by the time this brand goes live. Its been a thought, a concept and an aim thats taken its own sweet time, but one that I promised would be worth it. I've been a beauty content creator for a decade and I've genuinely lost count of how many times I've seen beauty being sold with a purpose to look better whilst making the consumer feel less about themselves. It was high time this conversation started to change, and I feel fortunate to be able to play a small role in the process.

For the launch campaign I knew for sure that the model route wasn't for us. I knew I wanted to put out real people, to make sure everyone feels there's someone in the pictures they might relate with. Real Girl has been a term that I've carried on my shoulders since the start of my digital career, and I know for sure I only want to magnify it further with my own brands. Having people talk about their beauty experiences, their own journeys and a representation of people from different walks of life - much like I have in my own close personal circle, is all so special to me. I knew I wanted to, needed to, have the introduction of Wearified to the world be understood at its very core. I hope you'll come on this amazing journey with me.

- Aanam C,

Content creator & founder of Wearified

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