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Introducing Wearified: A Made In India, High Performance, Clean Beauty Brand

Wearified Clean Beauty Brand Made in India

(As I sit to type this, I feel both nervous and excited! It's been a concept I've been working on since four years, so the fact that we're THIS close to launch - already launched by the time you read this post! - is nothing short of a dream come true)

Wearified is a name that comes together from various thoughts all combined into one. Its about verification by oneself for one self, an extension to 'Wear' from my blog What When Wear, its inspired by being 'verified' - the ultimate blue tick that seems to provide validation on the internet. And it also comes from the thought of how we wear so much every single day without even realising it: our clothes, makeup, skin care, thoughts, mood - we could even be wearing our attitude. Picking this name for my own brand felt just right, and I knew the second we coined it that it was going to stick.

I wanted to create more of a platform than a brand, for people from all walks of life to come together at. For so long, the beauty industry has been looked at as a place to come to when you want to look better. But why can't it be something that you think of when we want to feel better? Wearified believes in inclusivity at its very core. A place where everyone is welcome to come in and feel better at. Its about coming together to uplift one another and realise that the true sense of love and humanity lies in the ability to lean on one another with no exceptions.

As a content creator, I've been in the beautifully unique space of trying so much that the market has to offer, while also being in close proximity to what the end consumers were liking, disliking and possibly wanting more of. This enabled me to help understand the gaps in the product world; which brings me to - our very first launch!

The Butter To Matte Longwear Lipsticks. Formulated with the goodness of argan, jojoba, cocoa butter and vitamin E, your lips won't just look good, they'll also feel amazing. We've created our product in ten unique shades, all with varying undertones to suit the diversity in skin tones typical to our homeland, India. From reds, berries, nudes to pinks, we've got you covered with The Classic Collection, no matter what your preferences might be. Oh, and did I mention - the lipstick will serve you well all through the day with minimal to no touch ups required! (depending on how dry your lips might be)

The beautiful Butter To Matte Longwear Lipstick arrives in your shipping boxes in a black, velvet matte monocarton, laminated from the inside with fully recyclable plastic to prevent your metallic component from any scratching or damages in transit. Yes, we've thought about everything :)

I'll be blogging on here regularly so make sure you sign up for newsletters from the link below.

PS: diving more into the shades in another blog post next.

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Behind The Scenes: Launching Wearified

Behind The Scenes: Launching Wearified

Lets Talk Shades: The Butter To Matte Longwear Lipsticks

Lets Talk Shades: The Butter To Matte Longwear Lipsticks


Savina K


Rachita Rathi

Congratulations Anam for Wearified. I loved the article and your thought process behind launching this brand.

With wearified you are building a community, I feel that wearified is someone who understands me. I loved the way you have used common women without any filter.

I have been following you on insta for the past 1year and I have tried a lot of products that you have suggested.

I still remember when you had mentioned in your Jaipur trip that one lipstic of a renowned brand made your lips dry.

You have understood the core problems of lipstic and finally you have come up a solution too

Once again, all the very best for wearified.

Lots of love

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