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Wearified Face Makeup Brush | #05

  • The Brush
  • Material & Brush Care
  • ♡ The Wearified Makeup Brushes are super soft, vegan, lightweight yet firm hold brushes that cover all your bases, whether you're a beginner or a professional.
    ♡ Brush #05 is a unique, angle-cut brush thats dense and works beautifully for a flawlessly finished foundation. The brush works just as well for liquid or cream based application.

  • ♡ Our brushes are handmade, vegan and super soft to touch
    ♡ They come in a gold and matte black finish that is luxurious to the touch
    ♡ Despite being lightweight, the brushes provide a firm grip and are easy to navigate with
    Each brush comes in a protective packet for hygiene purposes
    ♡ Our brushes can be rewashed and reused
    ♡ While drying out your wet brushes, we suggest you leave them facing downward in case any water has seeped inside the wooden base inside the ferrule

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Spriha Jaiseal

Wearified Face Makeup Brush | #05

Aparna shenoy
Brilliant brush! Must have!

Very soft and light weight brush. Blends my concealer like dream!

Dishaa Desai

One of the softest brushes I’ve used whilst still holding its shape. Blends beautifully. Very impressed with the brush!

Disha Jain

Amazing product

ankita sahu
Not using anything else for my base anymore

I had bought this brush with the intention of using it for my foundation,concealer n contour but hadn't thought that I would end up abusing it literally. I can't use any other brush now to blend my foundation. It blends it seamlessly .love it 🥰

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