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Wearified Face Makeup Brush | #03

  • The Brush
  • Material & Brush Care
  • ♡ The Wearified Makeup Brushes are super soft, vegan, lightweight yet firm hold brushes that cover all your bases, whether you're a beginner or a professional.
    ♡ Brush #03 is most popularly used along with our Soft Focus Buildable Blushes but makes for a great multi purpose powder brush as well.

  • ♡ Our brushes are handmade, vegan and super soft to touch
    ♡ They come in a gold and matte black finish that is luxurious to the touch
    ♡ Despite being lightweight, the brushes provide a firm grip and are easy to navigate with
    Each brush comes in a protective packet for hygiene purposes
    ♡ Our brushes can be rewashed and reused
    ♡ While drying out your wet brushes, we suggest you leave them facing downward in case any water has seeped inside the wooden base inside the ferrule

Customer Reviews

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Irene Johns

Wearified Face Makeup Brush | #03


Really soft ❤️

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